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With its timeless efforts, dedication and the passion to excel, The Akma Group of Companies aims to be a major player in the real estate sector in the city of joy, Kolkata. The scorching success of the company can be attributed to the visionary ideals and core values which lays the very foundation for the working of the Group. It aims to be the preferred choice in the real estate segment of the city.

The Company has a dominant presence in the various sectors which includes construction, turnkey projects, interior designing, project management, and food products. Anchored with perseverance and a true enterprising spirit the Company is accentuating the success ladder with the help of the state-of-art technology and a highly motivated and skilled workforce.

The Company is constantly marching ahead building businesses which will help to achieve growth through excellence and innovation. There are a number of projects which are ongoing under the able leadership and guidance of the torch bearers of the Company. These projects are located in the finest locations throughout the city. Apart from this one wing of the Group acts as a real estate agent, dealing in properties from 'marketing' to 'selling'. The Company also boasts about owning a chain of food products under the brand "Republic Of Chicken".

Through strategic alliance, augmented investments, emphasis on quality and commitment, the Company strives to create a better society, develop new and promising markets and keep the supply lines moving with quality products and services thereby expanding the Group's horizons. The Group prides itself on the quality and performance and is quite aggressive in its attitude towards the quality policy. It does so by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented effective Quality Assurance System. Add to this the fact that the company has hired seasoned professionals with a vast experience in the fields of architecture.