Banchha Elo Phire

About Movie :

The film follows Bancharam, an old man who is at risk of losing his land to developers who want to build a national highway. His grandson, Guneswar, is all for selling the land, despite his grandfather's wishes. Unfortunately for Bancharam, he dies and his spirit visits Zamindar Narahari Dutta in order to ask for help.

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Director : Amitabha Pathak

Producer : Anindya Sen Gupta

Producer : Soumen Mukherjee

Producer : Toton Das


Songs From Movie

Song Name : Bose Thaki Eka Ghore

Music Director : Gora & Som

Playback Singer : Manorama & Sudipto

lyricist : Sabyasachi & Amitabha

Audio Song

Song Name : Sahure Maiya

Music Director : Gora & Som

Playback Singer : Poulomi & Sudipta

lyricist : Akash

Audio Song

Song Name : Porechi Tomai Jware

Music Director : Gora & Som

Playback Singer : Anvesha & Raj

lyricist : Prosen

Audio Song

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